yIteb mould Breaker Lockout

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'ay' ghobe': cbl05

mould Case circuit breaker Lockout
laH Hergh jom yIteb mould breaker lockout je screw driver boQ. laH lo' chaH Vas je, multi DuraS breakers.

  1. chenmoH vo' durable mep.

  2. ngaQ HochHom Segh yIteb circuit breakers ghaH toggle, yuQmeyDaq yIteb size circuit breakers.

  3. dimensions: 125mmm * 63 mm * 40 mm

  4. laH lo' in with vanglu'Qo'DI' padlock, ghaH 8 mm padlock waQmeH, toggle 12 mm 19 mm clamping.


'ay' Qo'



ngaQ rav mould case circuit breakers

specially chut lulajpu'bogh according to le' requirements, breaker lockout chenmoH wa' targhHom veDDaq noch manufacturers lockout products neH jungwoq-lockey suppliers 'ej moulded yIteb. SoH wholesale customize yIteb mould breaker lockout chenmoH qaStaHvIS jungwoq DeSDu' qutlh 'ay' je laSvargh yI'el 'ej tlhab sample je offer maH.